Industrial Unit Construction - 7 Weedon Road - Front View

Completion of 7 Weedon Rd

Another successful development by Construct Perth!

We were given a brief to “design and build six modern units on a modest budget”. After consultation with the owners our in-house designers came up with this amazing design that fit the mission statement perfectly.

The project came in on time & budget and the owners are ecstatic!

– Simon, Director of Construct Perth Pty Ltd

Construct Perth - Perth Industrual Construction

New Construct Perth Website

We have had our new website in the makings for a while now, and we are very excited to share it now!

The Construct Perth site has needed a new look and an updated feeling for a while now and we are proud to share the new website online now! An online presence is important for every industry in this technological age, and we understand the importance of maintaining ours.

Feel free to explore the new website and see the updates and changes that have been made. This has been a big step forward for us and its an accomplishment we are happy with!