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School Outdoor Areas

Every school needs outdoor spaces for students and even teachers to enjoy. We are passionate about making lives better, and we know for the younger generation a large portion of time is spent in and around school. For this reason exactly, we offer services for creating a better learning environment. Are your students getting wet walking between classes in winter? Too many students coming in with a sunburn from too much time sitting under the sun? You’ve come to the right place.

Outdoor Areas

The outdoor spaces at schools are just as important as the classrooms. Students spend hours every day during recess and lunch, as well as various outdoor classes, outside. This is why we strive to make this part of the school environment as constructive as every other part. This ranges from new buildings, covers and areas for students to sit and talk to courts, tracks and spaces for them to engage in other games and activities.

Service Guide

Client communication is imperative to any project for Construct Perth, as it provides clear guides and goals to work towards. This is why our team places such an emphasis on maintaining clear communication and relationships with every client. This ensures that any service we provide is targeted directly for every project we undertake and completed as efficiently and professionally as possible.

Outdoor Areas

Schools encourage their students to find a more economic way of coming to school. A common way now is to ride a bike, but what if your school has no place to leave your bike through school? We can help with that, we can construct bike storage areas.

Do you need walkways to stop students having to walk exposed to the rain and sun? We know how to help! We know what we are talking about when it comes to making the lives of students and teachers easier every day at school.


Does your basketball court need a new roof? Maybe you need a new storage area for your caretakers to store their equipment? We know excursions are a big part of school life, and understand that buses and equipment get worn out if they’re exposed to the elements. We can solve all of these problems! Give us a call today to discuss what your school needs.