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What We Can Do

Our services in industrial decommissioning range from disassembly, decommissioning support & shutdown to demolition and relocation. The scope of this work is generally difficult and complex and for this reason we place a very strong emphasis on safety.

We work with our clients to find the right balance between risk mitigation and cost effectiveness across the board in every project, without compromising rigorous OHS policies.

If you’re searching for supplier who provides you with confidence, a safe delivery and the desired result, we invite you to have a conversation with us.

Decommissioning and Disassembly

This aspect of the job involves shutting down and disassembling old establishments. Through this process our highest priority is always safety, followed by efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This ensures client satisfaction and allows us to uphold our high standards for workplace safety.


Decommissioning and demolition of redundant sites is difficult and complicated work, which requires lots of planning and preparation in order to be completed correctly and safely. Construct Perth provide these services to the highest standard, always ensuring correct procedures are followed, time is managed efficiently, and budgets are met, in turn ensuring client confidence & satisfaction.

Service Guide

Here at Construct Perth, we believe it is impossible to overstate the importance of client communication. We utilise it as a tool in order to provide clear guidelines and goals to strive towards. Our team places a strong emphasis on maintaining clear communication and open relationships with every client, this ensures that any service we provide is targeted directly for every project we undertake and completed as efficiently and professionally as possible.