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Structural Alterations

Construct Perth Pty Ltd provide structural alteration services for renovation projects, ranging from simple removal of fixtures and fittings to the design and removal of complex structural components. Such as, but not limited to, the removal of floors, sections of wall and ceilings.

Like all our services, we maintain the highest of standards irrespective of the size or complexity of the project. Health and safety considerations are always front and centre along with environmental concerns to ensure every project is completed with regulation compliancy as an absolute minimum.


We are capable of quoting on anything you may require – ranging from adding a door, to increasing the dimensions of a work space or removing unwanted fixtures and fittings. We are experienced and are willing to meet any of your requirements for structural alterations. Talk to us today for a free quote.

What You Need

Do you need to manipulate a structure to accommodate a large piece of machinery or equipment?

Are you in need of a new opening in the side of your factory or a door in place of a wall?

These are some of the simple structural alterations we can help with. We are efficient and effective when it comes to these tasks. We will get the job done on time and budget, letting you get on with the important things.

Service Guide

Here at Construct Perth, we believe it is impossible to overstate the importance of client communication. We utilise it as a tool in order to provide clear guidelines and goals to strive towards. Our team places a strong emphasis on maintaining clear communication and open relationships with every client, this ensures that any service we provide is targeted directly for every project we undertake and completed as efficiently and professionally as possible.