Adding Value

Provide shade, generate power and reduce electricity costs sustainably.

Our rooftop solar panels are an innovative way to utilize otherwise wasted space in order to help add value to your business.

With the increasing cost of electricity, installing solar panels on either existing infrastructure, or when constructing new projects, can help cost effectively reduce business risk.

  • High investment returns.
  • Immediate cost reductions.
  • Reduce carbon emissions.
  • Shading of carpark improves cooling effects.
  • Available outright or via power purchase agreement for a cashflow positive option.

Our Benefit To You

Our speciality lies in our background as a construction company.

While we can install solar on existing infrastructure our main service is in planning new construction projects and being part of the design, build and installation. We are your partner throughout the process and have intimate knowledge of the best way to integrate solar into your next project.

Our background in Structural AlterationIndustrial MaintenanceStructural SteelUndercover Areas, and Industrial Decommissioning means you get extensive experience from certified builders. We take the time to address every concern or query you may have along the way and plan every project meticulously, such that nothing is left up to chance.

Are You Interested?

Our team has installed solar systems for large business and SME sites in rural Western Australia and the Perth metro area.

If you would like to find out more or chat about your next project, please contact us to arrange an obligation free consultation.

Rural Focus

Here at Construct Perth, we work extensively throughout rural Western Australia.

While there are many providers of solar installation within Perth, our focus on assisting right through the process from planning, to design and installation makes us perfect if you are not in the Perth metro.

Government Incentives

In recent years we have seen progressive governments employ comparable energy technology around Europe and parts of the United States.

It makes sense to utilize the same energy solutions in sunny WA and other parts of Australia – Not only is this technology green & progressive, there are also a multitude of government incentives in place that make cost benefits very attractive.